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educational games, scientific simulations and more...

as a scientist, programmer and game enthusiast, I try to use games and simulations to teach science. And sometimes even more...

Current project:

Imperial Ambitions

Imperial Ambitions is a 4X tactical strategy game where the players will take over one of the European superpowers during the age of discovery and lead them through the age of industrilization

regiment creation, column movement and party fusion

Previous projects:

DNA Simulator

Learn the factors that affect hybridization of DNA strands, change conditions and watch them assemble!

-2022 CSGC: Computer Simulation Competition Winner!-

Play on ıtch.ıO

learn about DNA

Watch making of DNA simulator

A game about Blackbody Radiation

Learn about the physics of blackbody radiation

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Play video

A game about Innate Immune System

-the first line of defense in the body-

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Announcement video

Paradise Atoll Editor (tech demo)

Create an atoll paradise and watch it fluorish

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strategy game tutorials

water wave Simulation tutorial

Pathfinding tutorial